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Faculty & Staff

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Henry Aaron Jr

Titles: Lay Coach

Lawrence Ahuruonye

Titles: Long-term Sub

Robin Ambles

Titles: Custodian Ii

Florencia Anderson

Titles: Teacher-World Lang-Spanish

Ebonee Armstrong

Titles: Teacher-Marketing Education

Catherine Atchison

Titles: Teacher-Social Studies

Mary Ann Augustus

Titles: Teacher-World Lang-French

Bernice Ball

Titles: Counselor-Grade 9

Sheadric Barbra

Titles: Principal-High School

Eva Barnes

Titles: Parapro/Sped Interrelated

Ruby Barnes

Titles: Teacher-Interrelated Spec Ed

Tylisa Black

Titles: Teacher-Pe High School

Audrey Blackwell-Bradwell

Titles: Teacher-Business Education

Annie Bowles

Titles: Long-term Sub

Katrinka Boyd

Titles: Teacher-Interrelated Spec Ed

Rashad Brooks

Titles: Lay Coach

Breanna Brown

Titles: Lay Coach

Chanikki Brown-Reeves

Titles: Title I Academic Coach

Bobby Bynam

Titles: Teacher-Science

Salena Byrd

Titles: Campus Support (part-Time)

Colette Caesar

Titles: Teacher-Interrelated Spec Ed

Zion Cain

Titles: Student Engagement Specialist (grant Funded)

Patricia Cain-Mccrary

Titles: Ast Principal- High School/ Acting

Tianna Carolina

Titles: Disab.(moid)

Arthur Carter

Titles: Ast Principal-High School

Krystal Carter

Titles: Custodian Ii

Tamara Carter

Titles: Teacher-Language Arts

Alexus Celestin

Titles: Teacher-Math

Clara Clark

Titles: Teacher-Career Technical Instruction (cti)

Carlos Cliett

Titles: Teacher-Information Technology