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Mundy's Mill History

1973 Magazine Article About Mundy's Mill

In 1890 Andrew Jackson Mundy and his youngest son Erasmus Tomlin Mundy built a grist mill for this area of the county.  In October of 2002 the Clayton County Public Schools opened was is now known as Mundy's Mill High School.  This new 255,000 sq. ft school, sits on a ninety-seven acre campus (with two lakes), is but a small representation of this grand community and those who dwell within. 

Four generations of Mundy’s owned and operated the mill as more of a community service than any other reason.  People came to the Mill not just to have their corn and other grains ground but for a lot of very different reasons. The Mill was a place for community friends to gather and swap stories, catch up with family and friends, whittle on a stick or just sit in the shade of the forest of virgin yellow pines.  While your corn was being ground you could catch a mess of fish (Bream or large mouth bass) that would go good with the hush-puppies, made from your fresh ground corn and the water from the spring is the purist to be found and so cold you would think it had been on ice. 

Over the years the Mill became a gathering place, a place for dating, getting engaged and even getting married.  Churches used the stream for baptizing as well as a place to hold revivals and funerals.  At one time some Mundy’s Mill Middle School science classes even came here for their final exam (a scavenger hunt).  But the best times were the family reunions and not just the Mundy family but any family.

The Mill is gone now but the people that got to visit, fish, swim, play and learn will always have their memories.  Memories of a simpler time at a slower pace.

Completed in the Fall of 2002 the "World Famous" Mundy's Mill High School continues to make memories for students, staff and alumni.